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tv   KRON 4 News Weekend  KRON  December 24, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PST

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net. joining us on this is chilly christmas eve. none. i time to e house how did you
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>>jaqueline: the freeze morning is in effect until 9:00 a.m.. >>jaqueline: as we get into the afternoon we will see fifties filling in. the afternoon highs today will be mild. park
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>>ysabel: it just would not that cold front outside and a last-minute rush to get across this effects. this is what it looked like on friday at how her of people packed stores in union square. retailers are trying to boost sales. many stores are staying open through lead tonight. small employees across the bay area are busy preparing for the flood of shoppers. craig skalar is joining us live that from the mall in san jose correa >>craig: as i speak their
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people heading into macy's. it is about an hour away before customers actually come in as well. right now it is pretty quiet but cold. if you have a situation that when they do, it is quite a line theft let me show you some information as to what people of dealing in terms of the shopping situation. flickr are about 23 million people shopping here expected on christmas eve day rpf last year, more than half a trillion and if this. met with better them remembered in 2007. people are still spending monday- just money. basically, who guided the economy, people
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are willing to soften the creeks and is a period of time. >>ysabel: the chilly weather is want to make a lot of people by some hot toddy. that will make some of those retailers to check back. meanwhile, the release of a new basketball shoe caused hughes frenzy at the bay area shopping mall. as many as 3000 people waited overnight at the mall in richmond for a chance to buy the new here jordan's three investigators say a man fired a gunshot into the air and that suspect was arrested. no one was injured. at stores, the issues are being sold for $200 a pair of online people are reselling issue for of course of $1,000. >>ysabel: in the east bay, shopping was marred by the second shooting thursday night near the san leandro
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wal-mart on his. avenue. a man was shot in the lake. if this comes nearly one month after a black friday shooting. da lin spoke with the san leandro police and shoppers about the incident. >>da: san leandro police drove in and around this wal-mart parking lot looking for any suspicious activity on friday night. this was already a hot spot for them. now, following the second shooting they are spending even more time patrolling this big box store. >> we will spend more time and those high-profile areas. if two men shot another man on thursday night after he came out of the store carried live with his leg and her of his femur. the victim is 22. he is the second shooting victim at this wal-mart in in mom. back on black friday, a group of people tried to rob some shoppers, a man was shot in the neck.
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now, police are trying to track down the two suspects in the case. if police did not know the motive but they believe the shooting is gang-related. >> i am nervous, but i will still live my life. thick hide them on my wife is not coming out here at night! there were just here last night. >>da: to keep shoppers stayed in coming back the police department has completed tactful unit to watch over the area. >> they are patrolling both marked and unmarked cars. jeff: and wal-mart spokeswoman said if the store is cooperating with investigators and that they have had handed over surveillance to the police. >>ysabel: relatively calm travel at san francisco international on friday. 135,000 people traveled
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through sfo. it has in his we spoke to said they did not experience big delays. the nice weather helps with flights being on time. >> it was not too bad. we got in right before the crash. for the flight was not attacked. i have seen worse. >> the trouble they have been very easy. for family use of credit to a first class. >>ysabel: officials say if you're picking someone up, go to the telephone what. in view are dropping off a cart and long term, that what is all but you can't pick up a voucher and park in the short-term parking lot. still to come, officials now know where one of san francisco's largest fires started earlier this week.
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take a look at that story. here is a live look from outside, it is supposed to be walnut creek but still pretty dark. we will be right back.
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>>ysabel: fire investigators said that thursday's fires started in an alley and need a garbage she. that fire at golden gate avenue damaged rebuilding is and became the city's largest fire in six years. it's of the firefighters three hours to extinguish the blaze. >> everything has lined up. where the fire started, the will condition, the fire was well advanced. >>ysabel: even though they know where it started, the firefighters say it will take some time before the exact cause to be determined. >>ysabel: on the bay bridge,
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a deadly collision on eastbound 80 on the upper deck of the bay bridge near the as qr. police state motorcycle and car collided. a motorcyclist was wrong for the bike and killed. the lanes were closed for hours cause a major traffic delays. >>ysabel: here is a live look at the bay bridge. a little bit overcast and it is chilly. call
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>>janu: here is a live look out on the roof camera off. clear skies but it's really cold. off we have another cold start. there is a freeze warning in effect. sunny and mild condition with light winds. it is one to be another cold night it will stay drive to the holiday weekend. there are 20 degree readings lasting for several hours in widespread areas with frost. you want to bring any small pets in doors. let's forget look at temperatures. the fairfield is at 23 degrees. 27 in nevada, we're seeing a lot of twenties and some thirties. of the afternoon will be bringing us into the
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50s and 60s. as we had to the north bay, a similar mix of '50s if '60s. >>janu: at we're going to stay dry into the holiday weekend. we will see that in the extended forecast. dry conditions and another cold night in store. a chance of rain by tuesday. >>ysabel: it was a tough
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week for the president who is just landing in a white for christmas vacation to. with a mixture of relief advocates and the dow that the political battle on capitol hill over the federal tax cut is over for now. the deal politically pummelled house republicans but at least it did not linger into next week. >> the house will be in order. >> it was the decision of john maynard to back down and he backed that up by presiding over the short term tax cut that many are calling a gimmick. >> report the title. >> a bill to extend the payroll tax holiday. >> after taking a political the peace treaty, it was approved in under five minutes. >> without objection, the bill is passed.
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>> in the senate, and even shorter session. >> i am asking for consent as the house passes the bill. >> 65 seconds to keep its end of the art of. >> the senate will now stand at jefferies >> the house stands agenda until 1:00 p.m. on tuesday december 27th. this was did news for americans, all police congress will finally come together to prevent attacks >> i am disappointed in our entire leadership 50 if the >> in many fields full the five behalf 55th >>caller: i am frustrated for foot more informally at think most americans are frustrated.
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>> it has a refined fast as it has been deferring fickle for don maynard battling with he knew politicians who do not care about the consequences if. >> what is hard is doing the wrong they one of the defense-and politics are gives you for your if it is easy to do the right thing when politics are with you. it is hard when politics are against you. >> that is exactly the leadership that he provides. >>caller: i feel sorry for john banner. he is a decent human being. he has a cut at she was taken to its
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southern california hospital. she was in poor health and was diagnosed with a terminal illness also suffering from dementia. >>ysabel: still to come, another live look outside for mt. tam. it is a beautiful start your day. golden skies. we will be right back.
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>>ysabel: thousands of tourists and christians seeking of celebrations in bethlehem. the tourism industry says it expects 90,000 visitors the holiday. five >> the name says it all. essentially tacos are on the menu. organic, sustainable and delicious. >> it is also the place to have fun. >>vicki: a new addition to the marina district in san francisco. tequila and mixed
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drinks. joe hargrove is the guy behind it all. he started going to mexico as a kid. it is loaded with mexican food but this is not a typical mexican restaurant. >> there are a lot of people that serve large teredos wrapped in foil it's the end of our race. we have friends that on some of those restaurants, what i do not think the offensive if that mexico is a thriving, bustling and energetic city with modern restaurants that are not playing mariachi music with some rare as on the block. they're listening to the beastie boys and 505 off. they're wearing cool jeans and on some shirts and there are hot checks everywhere. it is vibrant and there are costs to insulin. we get tagged as being an authentic, we are authentic, we're just more kind. sphere ask how
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>>ysabel: here is another a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. there's hardly anyone on the bridge but it looks like it is shaping up to the beautiful state. it is a bit kris. get your jackets ready. first, the count of the kron4 new year's like party is underway. it is the only local council hosted by catherine heenan and gary read it. we bring home a spectacular fireworks show of the bay and it takes you to the best and the biggest parties around. the party starts at 11:30 p.m. years the. i
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>>ysabel: here is a live look outside and san francisco. a freeze advisory in effect. it is also a spare the air date. >>janu: it is freezing out there. this is a live shot from walnut creek. the afternoon high will be 59 and then cooling back down to 40 to it. a freeze morning is an act for the inland valleys. those areas are indicated by purple. there's also a possibility of a frost. will all still
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account for its beer as we head into the cool season and a lot of '50s and '60s indicated by the green and asked her in. bastia who will see the force and followed by twenties and thirties into the overnight hours to getting into the afternoon highs will of the '50s and '60s. family your extended forecast is showing as it will be dry through the holiday weekend.
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>>ysabel: not craig skalar is joining us live, one ec stores already opened., they opened at 7 day at the raiders, you had employees and fourth half that amount >>craig: people are shopping
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despite cuts of this recession. the pre-christmas sales totals were over a half trillion dollars. that's more than with actually gathered into the house and its headquarters mastercard. pre-christmas spending increasing. this year retail spending was 5.5% in the fifth is because this. that certainly backs of the idea that people are spending even during these tough times. that year at macy's, customers are trickling in early, even before the mall hours open. these stores are opening before the malls. the rss this release on this final day of christmas to make sure that they get 54 is too late. kiowa shares sank off
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what they need to know any down side of us back from
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kayla your pet your jacket and yon as jack is in your suitcase key areas that is in this one kaisertech is in the form silly that it st. louis we airbags to get these of read outside you may not needed and how coldest you'll see it there we rowlocks confirm
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>>ysabel: we are bad and 745 with a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. looks beautiful out there, it also looks cold. both of we're going to have another sphere the day. no wood burning fires. we're going to check in with >> here is a live look from the mt. tam cam of geary is beautiful out their half but is cold. eightfold sources today once again. there is a freeze warning in effect. sunny and mild temperatures with a light wind. view this point to be another cold night but it will stay dry for the holiday weekend. 20 degree readings could last for several hours in widespread areas. there is also a hard freeze one in effect for the delta until tomorrow. let's take a look
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at those cold temperatures. half upper 50s in antioch and livermore. 63 in mountain view. a mixed bag of '50s and '60s. let's take a look at the 7 day around the bay. the him home overnight, temperatures in the '20s and '30s.
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>>vern: became the were in town for a second game. the microphones were circling around manhattan alice
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align >> 91 to continue to live my life, go home and go to sleep every night. i will will go, and lyle and go to work here aha half for the >> ferry if states today. he has not participated in practice. and burn
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>> the raiders are in a win or letter-cents a win or else situation. fourth look what he is doing here. he is treading through the defense. they are hosting the 49ers tomorrow. always a tough game for san francisco. >> he is a top running
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back. he is as good as they come menasha iobates and in an inf >> top nevada if community is earning huge points, rallying around a seven year-old girl named caleb. this second grader was diagnosed with brain cancer in november. she had a tumor removed, that as her dad in the gold. her father and mother flew her to st. jude hospital in tennessee where she has been undergoing chemotherapy for the last few weeks. it has fuelled a major fund-raiser campaign to cover medical costs and living expenses. >>ysabel: so far they have raised more than $20,000
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according to a family friend. >> is still to come, but, take the family out to this holiday weekend. a live look outside at lax. who is setting in seven californian. but we will be right back.
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>>ysabel: eyes and is open until january 28th. it is an eye slits skate rink. that is where all of the little kristi yamaguchi skaters are. >>kimberlee: plenty of new films hitting the big screen
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this week. tom cruise is kicking off a holiday weekend with the next installment of a mission impossible series. ghost protocol, the imf is in jeopardy of closing one wrongly implicated. even huntsman and his team will stop at nothing to clear the agency's name. bowe's protocol is rated pg-13. the girl with the dragon tattoo is rated r. if you are looking for a more family friendly movie check out the adventures of tin tin from
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steven spielberg. he sets out on a treasure hunt adventure to a mock one of the biggest mysteries but quickly finds himself in a race against evil. the adventures of tin tin is rated pg. >>ysabel: still ahead, we now know where the fire in san francisco started. we have the details coming up. here is another a live look outside and san francisco. blue skies but very cold. you'll need that jacket.
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kelly on a date and she's so bad view of the nine she abaddon 6 issa your mommy the it j.d. that yet those of passed last does abound four times we adopt own and
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>>ysabel: we are keeping an eye on last-minute shopping. >>jan: there's been so many movies filmed at the fairmont hotel. thomas aquinas will be there. later on, surrealism. realism at the wine stain gallery. >>ysabel: let's go outside more radical jolo laugh we
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have some great ideas on how to make the holidays happy. it's peer day. tonight i learned in your we have an expert with some ecological ideas. now, you can rack your guest about leasing. janu >> if it is cold. here is a live look from the golden gate bridge. blue skies but cold temperatures. napa is at about 28 degrees. an afternoon high of 57 and cooling to 43 by 8:00 p.m.. temperatures elsewhere are still pretty chilly. mid-20s and novato. 35 in antioch.
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warmer in san francisco, 29 and los gatos. there is a freeze warnings in effect until about 9:00 a.m.. there are widespread areas of frost. tonight, 30's and '40's. the afternoon highs will be getting fed to the '50s. by 6:00 p.m. we will see the '40's filling in again followed by low temperatures overnight. who how 57 expected for antioch. but a chance he
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ariane de anza rawer her her honor airliner in the
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region a year. i wanted to insure that i got everything and got out of year. qr >>dan: you waited for the last minute. why is that? >> i guess we were kind of busy. leopardi's to go to. cox family even see people leaving with their newly gotten gains. let me show you some informations. people are shopping. pre- christmas total and were higher than they were in a 2007 and this year, pre spending increase is showing retail spending rose in the 50 days before christmas according to mastercard advisers. the whole are showing up at stores like this one and around the head taking the advantage
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of last-minute deals war, there were just how procrastinators. they are expecting more people to show up five. >>ysabel: thousands of people packed into union square last night, retailers stayed open late for those last-minute shoppers. a lot of stores like gap and american eagle are offering big discounts for shoppers to spend their money. >> the release of a new basketball shoe lead to a violent incident at the bay area shopping mall. 3000 people waited overnight fan at the hilltop mall for a chance to buy the new year jordans. investigators say a man fired a gunshot into the air and that suspect was arrested. several additional scuffles also reported fuel >> another shooting in the parking lot of a wal-mart in san leandro left many
8:06 am
shoppers concerned about their safety. it happened thursday night when to suspect shot a man in his leg while he was getting into his car. this comes after a separate shooting at the same store last month on black friday. shoppers say that they are dismayed to learn about the second incident. >> my wife was just here last night. you would think this would have been soft during a black friday car when they have a big sale going on, you would think that is when these things would occur but apparently it is happening any time. that is scary. >>ysabel: police have no one in custody for this latest shooting. >> a 5 alarm fire in san francisco started in an alley underneath a garbage heap. here is video of that least in the city's western addition neighborhood. the
8:07 am
fire damaged buildings, the biggest fire in six years. 41 people including three children were left without a home. it took firefighters three hours to extinguish the blaze. investigators say could take time before they know the cause of myriad firefighters are now scrambling to help place toys that were lost. there is an estimated $8 million in damage to those buildings. residents are being offered temporary shelter. >> still to come, a school janitor is a rest after allegedly molesting a 14 year old. we will have the latest. here is another live look outside in san francisco. a very cold forecast coming up next.
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>>janu: it is sunny but temperatures are really will. there is a freeze a warning in effect. as we head into the afternoon, sunny and mild temperatures. it will be another cold night but it will be dry for the holiday weekend. let's take a look at the freeze warning in effect until 9:00 a.m.. those are the areas indicated by light purple. we could see 20 degree
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readings for several hours. we are seeing widespread areas of frost. temperatures outside are really cold. we do have a 40 degree reading in san francisco, also some upper '30's through half moon bay in redwood city. 29 right now and los gatos. by 9:00 a.m., mostly thirties. by the afternoon we will see '50s and '60s. the green indicates where we will see the '60s. it is going to be another for evening. by 6:00 p.m. we will get back into the '40's and overnight in the '20s and '30s. your 7 day around the bay is showing us that it will stay dry to the holiday weekend. it will be another cold night with temperatures dropping down to the '20s and '30s. it looks like a chance of rain headed our
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way by tuesday. >>ysabel: in world news, the anti-american shiite cleric in a rock is launching a new initiative calling ease against all rockies. this comes after the withdrawal of u.s. troops. the government has strained relations between two moslem sects by threatening to arrest one of the leaders for terrorist activities. >>ysabel: and other protests in a rush of caused tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting against alleged election fraud. the demonstration today rivals a similar 12 weeks ago. at one was the largest show of discontent the nation has seen since the 1991 soviet collapse. protesters say they will continue pushing for a rerun of the december 4th parliamentary elections. >>ysabel: good news for residents in santa clara with unpaid traffic tickets.
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they are offering amnesty until june 3rd of 2012. if residents the of tickets before that date, their fines will be slashed in half. to qualify, by letter, as having a ticket that was supposed to be paid before jetting wary 12009. >>ysabel: high-speed rail officials admit the product will not create as many jobs as first thought. the project was first expected to agree 1 million jobs. now, officials say that number was inflated. no word on how many jobs the high- speed rail is expected to produce. like the 20,000. in spite of the news the projects diehard supporters such as the governor say that as companies have-- discrepancies have curbed their enthusiasm. if you are looking for holiday cheer, here is something that will likely make you smile. for more than 20 years, the tom and jerry christmas tree put up by homeowners have charmed young and old. a 65 of country wonderfully decorated and surrounded by
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8 ft. stockings and a huge tract guests with massive ribbons and signs of animals. if you go by tonight you're likely to find santa claus in front of the tree handing out candy canes. this tree is located at 21st in the church street in san francisco castro district. still to come, last-minute shoppers hitting the malls and could be scoring some pretty good deal. a live report coming up. >>henry: along that very theme, what you want for christmas? >> a remote-control car. >> i want and itunes card. >> i want a target card. >> what would you like? >> i want a spare the air date. and a gift card. >>henry: will tell you about some ecological ways to do some shopping in diffracting. that is coming up.
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>> i like using newspaper comic strips to wrapped presents. >>henry: that is really nice. if tests >> i like using a cannon like this. >> i like using a paper boat. >>henry: in gift cards are the other things. >>henry: seeking of ways, one of the most wasteful things you can do is give someone a gift they do not want. i love gift cards to. i know a lot of people think if cards are impersonal, but you can do something simple to give them an extra touch. all of these ideas can be purchased at the grocery store.
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>>henry: give us an example. >> itunes is the most popular gift card. for music lovers we have a rock candy. we have a symphony candy bar. if you're giving someone a best buy gift card, give them the consumer reports magazine said that they can be an informal supper. restaurants are very popular. as the visible the gift card with aid to police also were you can make some homemade salsa. that will be even better. >>henry: basically, make it reusable and personalize the the gift card or giving one and sleaze, did we mention you are not supposed to further trafficker questions erkhart >> the fumes go into the air, it falls on the land in the forms of such a, it goes into the bay and affects water quality. find out more about that online. >> thank you shelley.
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>>henry: later in the program we're going to be drinking some cocktails'. they are alcohol free. that is coming up on kron4 news weekend. but a
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>>ysabel: welcome back. with san francisco on your left and mt. tam on your right. the beautiful day sick enough. if
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>>ysabel: is crunch time for holiday shoppers who have waited until the last minute to checking off their list. for many, today could be a good day to score a deep discount on items. craig skalar is live at the east ridge mall in san jose. he has been standing in the cold and wishing for some hot chocolate. >> definitely. people have been coming since 7:00 a.m. to places like macy's to get those last-minute deals. here are pictures from earlier, people who have either procrastinated or decided to get the last minute deal. it is human nature to wait but they say
8:33 am
they have to get something now because obviously they are running out of time. >> i got for steel and along. >> do you always wait for the last minute? >> for the very important people, i wait for the last day. i wanted to make sure that i could thick of things for my kids. >> we were kind of busy. we had parties to go to. >> as you can see people are leaving the store with several items, happy to get something, anything in time. let me show you some information. even in the
8:34 am
midst of the post recession bust, more than a half trillion dollars in sales according to mastercard. that was even higher in 2007. they are saying that things are pretty good right now. the numbers are looking pretty good despite the fact that the economy is so bad. it's it looks like people are doing last-minute christmas shopping as the tradition holds. >>ysabel: another shooting in the parking lot of a wal- mart store in san leandro that left as many shoppers concerned about their safety. it happened thursday night with two suspects shot a man in the lead while he
8:35 am
was getting into his car. this comes after a separate shooting at the same store last month of black friday. shoppers were a bit dismayed at the second incident. >> my wife was just here last night. q i think this would happen during a black friday toward during a big sale but apparently can happen any time. that is scary. >>ysabel: and no one is in custody for the shooting. it's the fire on thursday was the biggest fire in six years. it said nearly half of the fire department put the fire out. jeff bush has the details about the fire. as the >> this is video shot by sky
8:36 am
4 of their stepped in. >> the blaze started roughly where this and aero is pointed. >>da: the fire department says it could be some time for the cause of the fire is not. 41 people including three children were displaced. this fire was particularly challenging according to the fire chief. >> we had wind gusts up to 30 m.p.h. and the smoke was falling towards the west. >> that she says it took 170 firefighters three hours about of late. >> everything was lined up, where the fire started, the wind conditions and the buildings being close together. that wind things
8:37 am
up for the fire to be well advanced before firefighters arrived. >>ysabel: some wicked weather delay holiday travel. we will surely which areas are affected most. will be right back. >>henry: you're celebrating christmas or hanukkah, at airport alliance, they're celebrating the new year's clarence series--new year's clearance sale. if it is coming up at 10:00 a.m. on airport home appliance, bay area bargains. for
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>>ysabel: 135,000 people traveled through sfo yesterday. passengers we spoke to said they did not experience the delays during their travel. the nice weather helped with many flights being on time. >> it was not too bad. we got in right before the rush. it was very nice. the flight was not to attack. i have seen worse, that is for sure. >> the travel day has been very easy. i was wondering if it was going to snow but this no cleared up. easy travel. and what we were upgraded to first class. what could be better? >> it sounds like a terrible travel date. >> it has been absolutely wonderful. as of all
8:42 am
>> for many families, hanging mistletoe is a holiday tradition. this year, the wild greens plan with its white berries is in short supply in some sleazes, one of those places team canada. the shortages of the skies of the drought in texas. this is where the plan is usually grounds. the mistletoe could run as much as $25 a pop. 8:41 a.m., let's check in with jan wahl. >> i am here with tom clyde from the fairmont hotel. first there is so much to celebrate with this iconic hotel. we're coming back and looking at the fairmont.
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it's bob
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>>jan: coming up to my next hour i will tell you about some other movies out there. happy holidays everyone.
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>>ysabel: here is a live look outside, a fresh, crisp san francisco. we think it is a jacket weather. if you are out there shopping it may be find yourself a little bargain. >>janu: you will definitely need your jacket today. it is cold. a cold start to the morning with the blue skies. here is a different view of san francisco from the roof camera. the freeze one is going to be in effect until 9:00 a.m.. another 10 minutes or so. as we get into the afternoon, sunny and mild. another cold night. it is calling to stay dry for the holiday weekend. temperatures outside are slowly warming. about 30 degrees in nevada, 31 in napa. if they are still below freezing. 26 in santa rosa, 24 in fairfield. 32 in oakland, 35 in hayward fan and a 31 in
8:51 am
los gatos. as we said the clock ahead to 10:00 a.m. we're going to see forties and fifties. by 2:00 p.m., '50s and '60s. by 6:00 p.m. it will be dropping back down to the '40's followed by 20's and '30's by midnight. let's take a closer look at those numbers. upper 50s and low 60s today. 60 degrees expected in san jose. your 7 day around the bay shows that it will be dry for the holiday but things will change, monday once the cloud cover increases. maybe even a chance of showers for the north bay. >>ysabel: 8:51 a.m., we will check back in with henry. he is talking non-alcoholic holiday drinks.
8:52 am
>>henry: it is about time for my first sight of the day. non-alcoholic. that is really good. cabinet deedrick from jaspers corner is going to show us how to create the perfect non- alcoholic drink. amazing deals and a new locations at airport plans. that list deals on appliances here at edward's door. when you mention bay area bargains, extra special prices. that is coming on bay area bargains. for five
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>>henry: there are so many wonderful drinks, a lot of people do not want to touch alcohol, we have brought in the expert, the bartender at this restaurant. our producer was just there and has a lot of raised five fulfill her works. these do not have all fall. give us some examples. >> this is on our many right
8:56 am
now. it is a seasonal crop still. if we of the value is to give people options for designated drivers who are not drinking or kids with the families or women who are expecting. we want to be able to have an option for people who have cocktails. this is the cranberry cobbler. we have about 2 ounces of fresh cranberry juice camouflage we stomp the cranberries ourself. >> we have a little bit of fresh grapefruit juice as the low. it is freshly squeezed every day. >> a little bit of lemon juice and ginger syrup. can the family or is it the you
8:57 am
can get genders server? >> we make it in house. repeal the ginger and simmer it with sugar and water. sphere off for far with that in there with a little bit of vice. then, we safe. >>henry: it is like performance art. >> crack that open. >> i and his exhausted from watching you. >> you will not need a gym membership. for
8:58 am
>> then, just strange. we will top things off with a little bit of crushed fights. >>henry: coming up, the top 10 comedic news stories of the year.
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. if >> good morning, and will come to our third live hour. marty gonzales will be joining the rest of us. [laughter] if you could think of something. >> an eye opener. >> we are keeping an eye on a last-minute shoppers. and despite the unrest, and also the latest from capitol hill. >> i am jan wahl. i love art. museums, this is salvador dali piece of jewelry we are going to be talking about sir realism that is the peace going at the wine stain the gallery. sir realism-and another with weinstein gallery. >> henry. >> the year before a
9:02 am
presidential election is not the ideal but this has the top 10. >> okay.. we've will take a look outside. the approach to the bay bridge for the approach is moving smoothly. it is interesting. maybe people are going out shopping? >> janu i need to also do some shopping we are doing some live coverage of the latest outside it is cold! napa is currently at 33 degrees. out of the 20's but still just one degree above freezing. to to four degrees by noon. the seven degrees for the high. a chilly tonight by the the seven-- for the high. janu:
9:03 am
janu:40's and the san francisco, half moon bay. freezing in the south bay. the afternoon will bring us 50s and 60s. 59 degrees in redwood city. 59 degrees in oakland. 58 degrees and the livermore valley. to be livermore, cind62--and livermore. the satellite/radar is showing the high pressure and wet weather is well to the north of us. it looks like we will stay dry right for the holiday weekend. however, it could change with an increase in cloud coverage on tuesday. a slight chance of rainfall for the north bay and given widespread showers wednesday, thursday. will keep an eye on the debt and to provide more information. 9:03 isabel?
9:04 am
>> isabel:. it is the last minute shopping but today could be a great day for a deep discount discount items. hopefully, gra craig sklar. >> yes. this is macy's at east ridge. people are coming in, out at could numbers at 7:00 a.m. but they have begun to get an early start at--good numbers. most of these people are saying that they are worth their while to get deals. or to avoid the crowds, early. also they should early--currie. >> is this earlier than date? >> oh my gosh! i sent that if you want to go shopping
9:05 am
week be up by 7:45 >> perfume, cologne. >> to always wait to the last minute? >> no! the most important people i wait for. >> early? >> yes. 7:00 a.m. i wanted to make sure that i had everything and got out for things that work for my children. >> some people came out in a hurry to get in, out and get on with their lives before christmas day begins. you can see of the parking lots have begun to fill up, quickly. customers have begun to come in and take advantage. back to you. >> one of those people, are the towards kuwait, pink, craig sklar. thank you-- this basketball shoe whit
9:06 am
3000 people 80 and overnight at the hilltop mall in richmond for a chance to purchase those air jordan. a man fired a gun into the air. the tennis shoes are up boards at $1,000 at auction sites online. up up towards -- >> the latest with the san leandro wal-mart one man was shot in the leg after one month after a man was rocked in the same parking lot on black friday. da lin spoke to san leandro police about the incident. >> police patrolled in and around this parking lot looking for any suspicious activity friday night. this was already a hot spot. following the second
9:07 am
shooting of this is more patrol. >> we will spend more patrol on these high-profile areas. >> @ on late thursday night, this man shot two men. the bullet went through his leg and broke his finger toward the victim was a 22 year-old san leandro victim. the second victim at this wal-mart in just one month. alan black friday,--and on black friday the was also a shooting. they have to track down these two shootings in the latest case to do not know the motive but they think that it could be gang- related. >> a little bit nervous but i do not know of any other wal-mart. >> my wife is not going to come out here at night there were just here last night! >> jacqueline:to keep shoppers f
9:08 am
they have deployed special unmarked cars. >> there could be out of uniform, plainclothes officers to mix it up a little bit. >> the spokesperson from wal-mart is saying that they're being cooperative and with surveillance is being handed over to investigators. >> we will check world news as far as how many people are walking to bethlehem. this live look of the golden gate bridge not too many people out there. it is cold! blue skies.
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> the entire american shiite is launching a new mission for peace among all iraqs the government has strained relations between
9:12 am
the two major muslims groups. threatening to arrest one of the leaders from terrorist activity suspicions. >> also christians are kicking off christmas celebrations in bethlehem at the midnight mass. tourism is expected and 90,000 visitors for the holidays! also but a surprisingly high considering the turmoil in this arab world. still to come the first family's land in hawaii. and not after the president signs new legislation. we will have this live look. mt. tam is breezy, cold. we will be right back.
9:13 am
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no worries.
9:15 am
among we are back at 9:15 into the live look. >> we are back. the tower
9:16 am
at san francisco you can see clear skies although there is some brown missed what is that? john do? >> janu:jan it is a little bit of light of morning fog. with some blue skies, sunshine but isabel mentioned that it is cold. another cold start. with below freezing temperatures. there was a freeze warning lifted at 9:00 a.m. with a sunny, mild temperatures and light wind. another cold night but it will stay dry for the holiday weekend. let us take a look at these temperatures. 32 degrees in novado with 40's popping up near san francisco, half moon bay scored 44 degrees in redwood city. 37 degrees in los gatos. by this afternoon, we will see the 50s. and even that light
9:17 am
blue will indicate green but by 6:00 p.m. we will see 40's with 20's and 30's overnight. another cold night let us take a look at the overnight. upper 50s, low 60s. 60 degrees expected to this santa rosa. napa, 56 degrees, fairfield, 60. the same in san jose, and 59 in hayward. your kron 4 7 day around the bay a great day for the holiday with another cold night tonight and things are going to change as we go towards monday. an increase in cloud coverage and a slight chance for the north bay rainfall. isabelle: >> isabel:president obama @ to hawaii for his vacation after signing the payroll tax cut. every year they spend the holidays on the island of oahu it was a
9:18 am
difficult week. he was playing hardball with the house are presented to pay ice pass that test--after that tax cut for the two month extension of the payroll tax. pummeled the republicans but the drama did not linger until next week. >> the house will be an order. >> it was speaker john boehner called a gimmick. >> >> h r 3765 the bill to ex thi to roll perrot talks tax. >> after--taking that brutal beating to the payroll tax that they approved it in less than five minutes. >> without objection, the
9:19 am
bill is read for the third time and passed. >> across the capitol the senate will come to order. an even shorter in the senate. >> unanimous. the house will pass this senate bill. >> 65 seconds to keep its end of the bargain. negotiators will keep their end of the bargain. >> it will stand adjourned. will be adjourned until 1:00 p.m. tuesday, december 27th. >> in case you missed it? graves, tom, good for americans hoping that congress would come together and prevent a tax increase. however, leaving questions about the leadership. >> i am disappointed and the leadership team. >> many people that were against that felt sold out by john boehner who was relenting to the democrats on that a house conference call with out alone conference--calls for
9:20 am
questions. among most americans are frustrated. what difference does that make we have a long way to go. >> that is been reoccurring for a political pragmatist try to please a blue law makers to do not care about the political consequences. they do not care about political consequences. >> it is difficult to do the right thing when the politics are against you. at the conference asked john boehner to take the stand and he took that that is exactly the type of leadership that he provides. it is not a one-man show. >> as speaker john maynard walked off the show, a--john boehner walked off the floor. >> i am sorry i am a democrat and i feel sorry i support nancy pelosi but i think that he is a decent human being that has a clock as that is gone, gone south. >> the chaos that stashes
9:21 am
chaoses consult. >> this could become more orderly and team next year as this squabbles and bickering will escalate when is used like cutting spending will only be higher. cnn, capitol hill. >> 9:20. henry? >> the end of the year approaches and we will show you the top 10 comedic news of 2011. the moscow colder. the governor of wisconsin that is guaranteed to win. scott walker-- >> that is right, we have nine more brilliant, hilarious funny top-10 stories coming up on kron 4 news this weekend.
9:22 am
9:23 am
9:24 am
>> will derst, is standing by we are dipping you a
9:25 am
trade off, he comes and goes. no. 9. >> please understand that the comedic news stories are different than the legitimate stories. >> #9 is occupy wall street. the experience of burning a man without that annoying heat pala >> number eight? rec. . >> wreck. . >> the debating? rick perry not your strong suit! or a bathing suit or a of leisure suit lot >> and a mayan 2012 and if the show bachman michelle would like to see your vote.
9:26 am
>> and how about donald trump requesting your birth certificate? we want to see donald trump's carbon form! dna is see a human? >> also, of course of, was able to compromise and he was the willing to compromise the same with that the titanic hit with the iceberg lot >> #4 why do not like mitt romney? he is so life-like? [laughter] >> #3. herman cain field problems. >> troubles. --with female. >> pour herman it was a classic case of he shed she said, she said, see shed, she said, see shed, he said
9:27 am
a law and i love this. osama bin laden >> there is a couple of reasons why this is humorous they went through is a million dollar condominium and pakistan. pakistan is going to a housing trouble as well. you do not get a lot for $1 million and a confiscated his material. he was also taking by agra, pornography and he did not have americans--he was taking off viagra--he was practicing to be an american. >> anthony wiener why not did he have such a exit? >> 1226, >> walnut creek. >> berkeley. seven days,
9:28 am
seven different locations and 700 laps! >> < perhap may be less laughs and follow walnut creek [laughter]. >> congratulations. we are taking a break and when we come back, with a lot more with jan wahl. stick around ♪
9:29 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
9:30 am
>> it is crunch time for last-minute shoppers, 9:30 perhaps they could get a good deal. with deep discounts. craig sklar is live in the east regional. he has been watching the shopping crowds. east ridge mall. >> yes. a steadily since
9:31 am
7:00 a.m.. at macy's. right before they opened i have been out here. people doing some last-minute shopping trying to get something before the new christmas holiday. the idea is that a lot of people have been shopping in spite of the poor economy. one uncertainty is--a certainty is that even people are spending right before the holiday. it is worth waiting even if they have to do that before the want to get what they need. >> is better than early them light? >> oh my gosh! if you want to go that it is better than earlier than the slate- >> to always wait until the last day? >> yes i purchased perfume and cologne i got here at 7:00 a.m. to make sure that i got what i needed and continued to get items for
9:32 am
my children that were assembled. >> people are in a hurry to get what they want. they do not even have time to talk to me they wanted to get it before it was too late. here, you can see a crowded parking lot filling up. i was here at 6:00 a.m. even at the employee parking was filling up, quickly. >> thank you. thousands of people in and out of union square last night. a big retailers around the bay iraq are staying open late for the last minute shoppers. bay-area are staying open late. even the gap is staying open late with deep discounts. >> this type of weather there will keep you inside. we will definitely show you
9:33 am
with the latest with janu. >> thank you, isabel. cold is absolutely correct. you can see it is windy from our wind mt. tam. the north bay has been in the '20s for most of this morning. santa rosa it is only 32 degrees it is still freezing and 62 degrees and cooling 241 degrees by ppm temperatures are slowly warming up. it is going to only be in the 40's--by 8:00 p.m. >> janu:if 50 in half moon bay. 43 degrees in mountain view. this afternoon, upper 50s, low 60s. 60s expected in half moon bay. 58 in fremont. 61 degrees for morgan hill. towards the
9:34 am
north bay, the same mixture of 50s/60s. 58 in the san francisco. and 57 degrees expected in fairfield. let us take a look at the satellite/radar. that high- pressure is keeping the wet weather to the north of us with dry conditions for this holiday. and your kron 4 7 day around the bay dry conditions for the rest of the holiday with a cold night tonight. things are going to start to change tonight with an increase in cloud coverage and the slight chance for rain fall on tuesday. 9:34. isabel? >> thank you. violence had a san leandro mahwal-mart with a second to shooting and half less than one month. this happened tuesday night at the wal-mart on a twister real boulevard. they suspect was shot and a leg and he was shot by these people
9:35 am
that got away. >> still a little bit nervous but i do not want to go to a different wal-mart. >> you would think that this is during the height of a black friday or even a big sale. you think that this is one this would occur. apparently, this is happening any time and if it is scary. >> on a black friday a man was robbed at that same parking lot but survived. h-- >> a janitor at walnut creek has been are rested with child molestation there could be more victims he has been dashed-arrested john aster is in the contra costa county jail on $1.5 million bail. he insulted a child under the age of 14 characters of a stock show saying that he-insulte of salhes
9:36 am
been sexually assaulting children. allegedly. >> his home was closed to downtown after taking him into custody they went to his house to look for potential evidence. nobody answered the door and neighbors say that the school district janitor is married with several children and their referred to him as a super dad. they searched and look for a specific items. >> we are looking for digital media, pictures, computers, we will collect any computers in the house that is standard. journals, photographs, and the thing that could lead to information to lead the path to victim. >> cellphone? >> yes. >> this is a picture of the ce 44 year-old john astor.
9:37 am
and it is to walnut creek came forward. two months ago, another alleged victim came forward at the killing a crime that reportedly took place 10 years ago in san francisco. >> and we wanted to make sure that we got his face and name out there in case there are more victims that are reluctant to come forward. >> i found his identification for the walnut creek district from the rearview mirror of his car if it is not clear how long he has worked for this school district. the district offices are closed for the holiday break. teresa estacio, kron 4. >> still to come, we have the latest details about the amopower outage at, candlestick park. also, we will be back.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
>> 9:40 some stores making stories around the bay. >> at the hilltop mall and man is taken into custody for allegedly firing a handgun was standing in line to purchase a pair of the nike air jordan basketball shoes. luckily, no injuries one that gun went off. they were on the scene, took command on custody and is being charged with illegal charging of a handgun. haazig madyun kron 4. >> at the bay bridge late friday a man driving a motorcycle was killed following a collision with a different vehicle. the chp says the man was ejected from his motorcycle and struck a fence. paramedics say that he died on the scene and nobody was injured. this created a traffic backup for several hours and the chp was able
9:42 am
to reopen lanes at 12:30 churls clifford, kron 4. >> an update on that the black out at candlestick park. pg&e will install new equipment to prevent more blackout. a broken power line for the first in the second during the backup system was a malfunction. this new equipment will of real-time data going into the stadium and the mayor says that the city will of the install additional power control data devices. >> jan:art is inspiring and we need it now this is max. we are going to talk about salvador dali amazing the surrealism you will find out more about beef wienstein
9:43 am
the wienstein gallery.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
salvador dali is one of the amazing realism at the wei nstein gallery so much more, calder this wonderful gallery joining us is making this gallery superb. is it really is an exciting place to go. you are weinstein i am so glad, thank you, rolland. >> it is great to be here. >> ever since i was a little girl. i loved the salvador dali. i followed salvador dali, i test some of the exhibit in prague, the czech republic. >> the first thing i fell in love what i saw a lithograph of a salvador dali the
9:47 am
persistence of memory. >> the melting of the watches. >> that started with this surrealism it all goes back. >> let us look back at the gallery at the weinstein gallery. >> this is jimmy urns but an extraordinary artist on his own right. not just aand he was married to peggy guggenheim. >> i love this, look at that. >> that is based on the story of a great surrealstm >> and especially if you go to barcelona. >> this is also a piece that you are looking at it is a fabulous, fabulous piece. >> can you tell people what this is? >> the famous is from cellar
9:48 am
door deli. and it is seldom door-colleasalvador dali. it isf turning the mind out and let it spontaneous go not working with... common sense. >> lending your imagination go wild. however this one carrington is a great movie. >> this is a painting from tangee . inspirational on salvador but you can see the distance look of the desert.
9:49 am
in the distance and in the horizon line you cannot see what the land and in the sky begins. >> why do they do that? >> i think it is a dream- like. you can see it is as if it is reality but nothing is real. >> these paintings are worth millions but you can study isurrealism >> the exhibition as until the end of january it is called the sureal world. it is overwhelming to finish up this is a caring 10 is behind me. let me show you-- carrington most are considered a little bit crazy. she died in her 90s and them loo-the movie was with emma thompson. a great
9:50 am
movie. >> salvador dali was a little bit of a marketer >> always something new and exciting this is how you can get to the exhibit until january 28th. at the we instein gallery thank you so much for bringing this to us these paintings are so exciting. you can look at this for several days and see new things is eronouns bosh and more. >> here are some movies are recommend. hugo is the best and 1010 is beautiful motion capture tin, tin however is a little bit long hugo is
9:51 am
great. >> charleze therone is amazing with young adult. >> dangerous method is also absolutely amazing and my week with marilyn monroe and " the descendants ". promise me. i think you all once again for appreciating the way that we do thank you and back to you, isabel. >> janu! >> the cold. is really cold outside from the san mateo bridge is a sunny but we have had a very cold start to the day. a lot of places are below freezing. even the 20's. this afternoon, mostly sunny with light wind and it is going to be another cold night but stay dry. we are finally out of the 20's and '30's, 40's, some areas even
9:52 am
reporting 50s in half moon bay. 39 degrees in napa. 39 in oakland. the same in san jose. as we fast forward to 2:00 p.m., we are going to see 50s/60s. a cold night. 6:00 p.m., the 40's will be 20's and '30's by midnight. let us take a look at the afternoon high. with 50s. 60s and santa rosa. 50s through center bomb = = = = santa san francisco. and let us take a look at your your kron 4 7 day around the bay we will stay dry for the holidays and another cold night tonight. inland dropping down into the 20s in the 30's for your coast. things are going to start to change for monday. a slight chance of showers for the north bay on tuesday with even more shower possibility
9:53 am
on wednesday. we will keep you posted. 9:52. isabel? >> thank you. etta james has had difficulty breathing. she has been surrounded with family where she was taken to hospital earlier. she has been in poor health. she has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia and suffering from hepatitis c and dementia. she is in the rock-and-roll hall of fame and known for the song " at last ". coming up, haunting music. another look outside. holiday music--coming up. we will be back. ó??g÷p÷÷÷ >>8ç
9:54 am
9:55 am
the >> we will give you an idea of what to do why not hit the ice? it is open until
9:56 am
january 16th. with great holiday music and a christmas tree. the embarcadero ice rink is also open to the public. until january 8th. brighton across the street from the three building in san francisco. >> right across the street you do not have to be sandra henning. the tom & jerry has charmed the young and old. the 65 pine tree is surrounded by eight-feet stockings. with giant ribbons and even santa claus will be out. 21st/church street at castro district in san francisco. >> those people to so much charity work is great! >> as we look at this surreal art work will see you tomorrow. christmas
9:57 am
morning. have a lovely holiday. >> merry christmas. [ male announcer ] for andy, tracking his spending with citibank is as easy as... making breakfast. omelet? sure. scrambled eggs. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. citi financial tools. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ beep ] hi. dave here. [ male announcer ] for dave, using citibank's online bill pay is as easy as setting up voicemail. hi, it's dave. [ male announcer ] actually, it's easier. hi, it's dave. i'm out of the office. [ male announcer ] online bill pay. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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